Pete Bagnall

Pete's California Photographs

Sea Otter - Met this guy at the Monteray Bay Aquarium. He and his friends are very cute.
Point Lobos - The bay there is very beautiful, but I may have got this photo wrong. It might be somewhere else. Anyone?

A walk along the fault line

Pete - I love trees, especially ones like this that you can sit in.
Lizard - Later that day we came across a lizard, he scampered off shortly afterwards and hid somewhere.

Heading North

The Golden Gate Bridge - As we were heading north to Point Reyes. It's not just the bridge that makes the scene, although to talk to people you'd think so. But the landscape it sits in is also wonderful.

Point Reyes

A flower - The cliffs above the beach were strewn with these flowers. I had to get one.
Point Reyes - From the top of the cliff, looking north onto the beach below. With just that little bit of mist.
Cliffs - Looking down the cliff south, inth the Pacific.
More Cliffs - Again, looking south.
The Beach - at Point Reyes. Watching the rollers come in.

© Peter Bagnall