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There are a number of campaigns I'm supporting. Please take a look and see which you would also like to support. Of course, if the answer is all, great! And if there are any other campaigns which you support and you think I would agree with, do let me know.

I've also started blogging some of my political ideas.

Current Issues

The End of Democracy

Who wants the Abolition of Parliament Bill?

The government is trying to give ministers the power to change existing laws without going through the parliamentary process. This is a major threat to democracy, and the idea that it is even being considered is deeply worrying. The government's authoritarian streak has gone too far. This is tantamount to totalitarianism.


After going to the protest in Hyde Park I felt it was important that a statement was made to follow up, and to make sure that the issues I was marching for were stated clearly. So I wrote to my MP, Hilton Dawson. I was very encouraged by his swift response (he replied in less than 24 hours). You can read both my email and his reply.

Recommended Reading

The New Rulers of the World - John Pilger
Reveals alarming information about killings in Indonesia, the Wests double standards and dirty dealing with Iraq, and the plight of the Aborigines in Australia

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