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  Daniel & Mel's Wedding
The British half of the Fryer wedding season!
  Thornton Rust
Holiday with Dad in Wensleydale
Jan 2006
Over in Sydney for a conference, but I took a few days off to wander round and see the sights
March 2002
David visited before I returned to the UK, so we went to Yosemite
Folks Holiday
September 2001
Mum and Dad were over, so we explored Northern California
Peter's Creek
August 2001
Wondered off to Peter's Creek for a gentle hike, and found a perfect tree! The most comfortable tree I've ever found I think!
Muir Woods
May 2001
Headed out to Muir Woods for a hike with a friend, and took some photos, and was photographed!
Purisma Creek
May 2001
An eight mile hike with 1300ft of elevation. Going downhill did horrible things to my knee, so I didn't enjoy this as much as I would have liked. But the camera always needs feeding...
April '01
I was out in Denver for work, so the camera got more exercise.
April 2001
I was in Chicago for work, and it's probably the best place to see skyscrapers I've ever seen, and by reputation, the world. There's enough space to appreciate them, unlike New York.
Aerial Photos on route to Chicago
April '01
Travelling over the Rockies and Sierras means photos.
Angel Island
9th April 2001
I went for a hike on Angel Island in the bay. On the way there the seagulls followed the ferry checking the wake.
Big Basin
24th November 2000
I went for one of my walks round Big Basin, it's a beautiful place with incredible trees.
The Eclipse
August 11th '99
I took some photos during the recent eclipse in the south of England. Sadly I couldn't make it to Cornwall or France to see the totality, maybe another time. So I was in Ipswich, where coverage got to 94%. I was surprised how much colder it got, and the colour of the light seemed to change. When the light levels fall you expect it to either be cloudy, (there was only thin cloud), or sunset, in which case the sunlight is more red. Somehow the colour looked wrong, too blue.
June '99
Surprise, another conference. I spent about half a day on my own taking in the sights.
May '99
I was over visiting a friend. We went to some beautiful places, and had loads of fun, so I had to take photos!
March '99
A friend came over for a few days, and we went to Cambridge. I've lived in Cambridge though, so didn't take too many photos
Val D'Isere
January '99
A group of us went skiing in the south of France. I've decided I love skiing.
New York City
December '98
Another conference, in Washington DC, so I took the train down to NYC to see a friend, and as usual, took some photos.
Feburary '98
I went to a conference, and afterwards went for three days diving. Here's a small collection of the photo's I took. Sadly, only one underwater.
Washington DC
December '97
I was at the IETF, and took a day out afterwards to see the sights.

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