Pete Bagnall

Pete's Pisa Photographs

The Leaning Tower of Pisa

The Leaning Tower - I never realised that it was built on a swamp. So if you go to see it, take insert repellant. But that said, it's a must see.
The Leaning Towers anchor - you can just about see the cables in the picture of the tower itself. This is what they are connected to. Apparently there is very little stress in these cables, they're really there "just in case".

The Duomo

The tower and the Duomo - If you've not been to Pisa, you can be forgiven for thinking that the only impressive building is the Leaning Tower. But the Duomo is an incredible cathedral, built around the same time as the Tower. (13th Century). Photographs of the leaning tower always seem to exclude the other wonderful architecture.
Inside the Duomo - the decoration is wonderful. There was nowhere to look that wasn't breathtaking. (Note, this was handheld for 1/8 of a second - it's come out really well. The trick is to brace yourself against something solid and squeeze the shutter release as gently as you can).

The Mascosta

The outside of the Mascosta - an incredible circular church. Inside there is an altar pretty much centrally. Above there's a balcony about halfway up. And right at the top you can get into the roof space to see the view.
The Moscosta's entrance. - The doorway is covered in incredible masonry.
At the top - inside the roof space. I'm particularily pleased with this since I didn't have a flash or a tripod so I had to hand hold the camera for 1/8 of a second again. This time I braced myself in a corner.
View from the top of the Mascosta - Over the centre of Pisa. The city looks, at least to my eyes very roman. Red brick and red tiles.


A doorway - There is a certain style to most of the other buildings too, this is a good example.
I was here! - I stayed at the Grand Hotel Duomo, circled in blue. The arrow points towards the Leaning Tower. Stepping out of the hotel in the morning I could not quite see the tower, but I got a great view of the Duomo.

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