Pete Bagnall

The New Rulers of the World

Pilger reveals alarming information about killings in Indonesia, the Wests double standards and dirty dealing with Iraq, and the plight of the Aborigines in Australia.

In Indonesia he talks about how the government came to power with US backing, and how that government murdered people, while blaming others for it's dirty work.

In Iraq it talks about how the US and UK, amongst others helped the Iraqi regime even as they knew about atrocities being committed by Saddam. It mentions, amongst other exports, how the US and UK provided Anthrax strains to Iraq to help it start a biological weapons program.

In Australia the inequity between the white Australians and Aborigines is uncovered. It reveals how aboriginal children have been removed from their parents, in a concerted effort to destroy aboriginal culture. It also talks about how the law has recently been changed to advantage white land-owners at the expense of Aborigines who previously had rights to their ancestral lands.

TitleThe New Rulers of the World
Publisher Verso Books
AuthorJohn Pilger
ISBN1-85984-412-X (softback)

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