Pete Bagnall

Browser history security

The problem is that is some users visit your site, then the fact they have done so might get them into some trouble. This page is for experiments in controlling what appears in history.

First off, lets create some pages which would be a problem if someone saw them in your browser history.

This page sets up a quick escape route if someone comes into the room. Simply hitting the Escape key will take you to Google. Having a key rather than a button on the page is much faster, and the escape key is generally easy to locate in the corner of the keyboard. It's worth telling users to practice using it.

The last idea is the browser-in-a-browser. This is a simple webpage, which can contain another webpage. The advantage is that it's only the containing page which shows up in a users history. The page they visited doesn't. While this provides some security it won't stand up to detailed inspection of a machine. For that you need to be using a Private Browsing mode.

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